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What do you think about Indian culture?

Culture India

Indian culture builds the framework of our personality and our behavior. What we do and how we act and react towards our elders, juniors and others, it sheer contribution of Indian culture. It is true that over the period of time Indian culture has undergone lot of changes, which are combination of goods and bad. Earlier there was a lot of communication gap because of Indian cultural boundaries. Children were not able to share their ideas and dreams with their parents and elders; but now parents and children relationship have become friendlier. If we look on the negative aspect, then we can see that there are differences in thought and that is because of generation gap and impact of other cultures as well.


Indian culture is so vast and rich with thousands of rituals and customs. In present scenario Indian culture is an amalgamation of Indian and western with roots definitely being Indian. An Indian no matter how much modern, fashionable,stylish influenced by western but would never mind touching his parent’s feet for blessings. The love, respect and regard in indian relations is our culture


India is Very rich and has varied heritage of which we should be proud of. What it explains is no one’s concern today. The fault lies with our Education system. We find no patriotism and National interest being taught throughout our studies. It never advises us, suggesting us to take care of one’s own Country. Instead, it’s sniffing us towards foreign Countries exhibiting paradise in our fingers. Education system was very effective. Not a single student’s education went in vain unlike present day education- we learn and get educated about something; do something else. India had a great culture and heritage. It was destroyed in foreigners’ attacks and invasions. Let’s have a look at those conditions once.