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Uttarakhand travel

Uttarakhand travel is a journey worth experiencing along the vast stretch of Himalayas in the north, the hills of Shivaliks in the middle and the plains with dense forest in the south. Travel to Uttarakhand has much to offer in terms of adventure, spirituality, pahari culture and picturesque landscape.

The hills are a perfect getaway during summers which provide ample of activities to indulge in such as the various water activities of white water rafting, angling, boating, paddling etc. or aero sports such as paragliding, hot air balloons and even other fun activities such as trekking, camping, riding on ropeways or zorbing. The travel is also incomplete without the safaris through the jungles of the Corbett National Park, famous for its Tigers and other wildlife, to get the perfect Goosebumps.

A good motive to travel to Uttarakhand is to visit the various temples including the ‘Char Dhams’ to soak in the fervour of spirituality.

Uttarakhand travel covers travelling through two broadly divided regions, the Garhwal and the Kumaon, Garhwal being more easily accessed. People from Garhwal are referred to as Garhwalis and those from Kumaon are called Kumaonis, both speak different dialects. People in Uttarakhand understand either of the two dialects or Hindi. English is not so common but spoken and understood in some parts thus, when travelling to Uttarakhand knowledge of Hindi is very convenient.

Uttarakhand travel can be planned by roadways, railways and airways. There are two airports in Uttarakhand, the Joly Grant near Dehradun (west) and the Pantnagar Airport (east). Railway connectivity can be sought at Dehradun, Haridwar, Pauri, Nainital and Udham Singh Nagar. The roadways are the most sought in the State due to the pre-dominant hilly terrain.

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