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Dodital Trek Uttarakhand

A high altitude trek to the beautiful lake of Dodital, the trek is moderate and can be taken by anyone having good health.

About Dodital:
Dodital is a high altitude lake (3024 metres above sea level), situated adjacent to the ridge called Dawara Bugyal, an extremely beautiful high altitude meadow. The lake gets its name from the golden trout called Dodi, found in its clear blue waters. Associated with many mythological stories, it is believed that Dodital was the place where goddess Parvati had given life to the clay image of a son, called Ganesh. Lord Ganesh is supposed to have been beheaded by Lord Shiva at this particular place.

The Trek:
The trek commences from a village known as Kalyani. Covering grasslands and thick forests of oak, pine and fir, the trail takes the trekker to an unforgettable journey of the Himalayas. One look at the awe inspiring beauty of the waters and the 22 km long trail (one side) seems worth all the efforts. The trek is best enjoyed during the summers as winters are really harsh and it is not advisable to undertake the trek then.

Best Season: June to October
Distance Covered (one sided): 22 Kms from Kalyani-Dodital
Time Taken: Around 2-3 days which includes trek from Kalyani to Doddital, staying a day and returning to Kalyani. 2-3 days can be added for travelling to and from Kalyani from the preferred destination.


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