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Shiv Temple at Mussoorie Road


Shiv Temple at Mussoorie Road located on Mussoorie road which is about 12 km from Dehradun, Uttarakhand state of India. Each and everybody stopped irrespective to which ever religion they belonged to. Spending time there for few minutes provided a deep sense of gratitude towards the almighty who has carved such a scenery on the canvas of nature. It really provided a deep peace of mind sitting there closing your eyes for some time.

Another famous thing about this Shiv Mandir/temple was the “Prasad” which was distributed to the devotees.This famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is well known for the zodiac stones and you can buy them from this place with one hundred percent guarantee.

Shiv Mandir is a must visit place for the tourists and the local people going to Mussoorie. The mountain view from this place is a wonderful experience for the visitors. The important feature about this temple is that you can’t make offerings there.

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