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Sweets of Karnataka

sweets of KarnatakaFamous Sweets of Karnataka

      • Huggi – cooked properly rice & kadale or possibly hesaru, by means of coconut, dairy products, elakki and additionally sweetened by means of bella (jaggery)
      • GiNNu – sweetened, flavoured & water boiled colostrum about cow, zoysia or possibly goat
      • Kajjaya – Rice and additionally jaggery fritters huge toast for Ghee.
      • Kadabu – huge toast (kari kadubu) or possibly steamed pastry by means of completely different charming lining.
      • karjikaayi – huge toast distinct pastry by means of not damp charming lining
      • unde – pitch shaped sugars by means of changes
      • paayasa – dairy products & jaggery/sugar based upon porridge, by means of big difference
      • obbattu or possibly hOLige – plush or possibly obvious charming fat-free bread/pancake/crepe by means of changes
      • sakkare achhu – smaller sweetener statues/toys prepared at the time of Sankranti
      • Haalubaayi – A fabulous fudge having place rice, jaggery and additionally coconut
      • mysore pak- A fabulous fudge having Chickpea flour, sweetener and additionally ghee.
      • dharwad pedha- Dairy products scalded and additionally thickened by means of sweetener. Identifiable by means of Dharwad
      • karadantu – Gokak the city for Belgaum area about Karnataka is normally recognized for those karadantu, some of the most recognized create comes with various not damp vegetables and additionally edible nicotine gum.
      • sheekaraNi – pulp about fresh results (constantly mango or possibly banana) by means of inclusions that include sweetener, elakki, jaakayi, jaapatri, dairy products, accessories.
      • Damrottu – Lung burning ash gourd toasted for ghee and additionally simmered by means of sweetener, dairy products solids and additionally charming herbs
      • Kunda – completely ready right from thickened dairy products, a fabulous speciality right from BeLagaavi
      • Badushah or it is called Suralipoori
      • Charming Pastries – Here is collected at the same time. However these are quite often come with machine made sweetener, and/or snug dairy products flavoured by means of saffron and additionally walnuts.

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