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Navayath & Kodagu Cuisine Karnataka


Navayath Cuisine Karnataka

All the Navayath cuisine is predominately in all the seaside districts about Karnataka, principally for Uttara Kannada and additionally Udupi. Rice, coconut, coastal cuisine, ova, fowl, and additionally mutton really are popular on the Navayath cuisine. Normal bowls feature


  • Ambut Lukha or possibly striped bass curry completely ready by means of coconut and additionally herbs.
  • Chambat Poli or possibly fat-free rice pancake made by growing crepe mixture relating to banana leaves behind and additionally roasting relating to griddle by means of smaller lube. Constantly poured by means of mutton curry,
  • Navari – or perhaps a platter made by growing rice crepe mixture by means of coconut lining plush for turmeric leaves behind. Lining could very well be charming or possibly spicy and additionally barbecuing could very well be just by sizzling or possibly just by roasting about the griddle.
  • Shaofa pana appam, A fabulous softer slimmer pancake produced with crepe mixture about rice, coconut dairy products and additionally fennel leaves behind
  • Mudkule Rice funds cooked properly for Prawn curry.
  • Bhatkal Biryani, produced with striped bass, shrimps, meat or possibly mutton by means of rice. It’s always recognized in the world.
  • Bhatkal halwa
  • Mushroom curry right from seasons purely natural mushroom right from surrounding hit is mostly a delicacy at the time of monsoon.
  • Amatya Godan or possibly payasam, produced with hog plum, rice flour, and additionally jaggery cooked properly for coconut dairy products.
  • Shinonya Nevari is mostly a processing about rice and additionally coconut crepe mixture stocked for mussels by means of herbs and additionally steamed want idlis.

Kodagu Cuisine of Karnataka

  • Kodagu’s staple cuisine is normally rice. Normal bowls feature
  • PanDi curry or possibly pork curry
  • Kadambuttu or possibly steamed rice dumplings
  • KoLi saaru or possibly meat curry
  • Bimbale curry or possibly Bamboo bed sheets snap curry
  • Paputtu or possibly steamed rice white
  • Nool puttu and additionally koLi curry

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