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Housing Loans Scenario In India

A housing loan can be called one of the most indispensable aid that helps a person in buying a property. Loans play a crucial role in materializing their dream of buying a house. In current scenario, there has been an increase in the number of home owners due to the relaxation of housing loan norms. All of us desire to buy a home but due the shortage of lump sum amount, we seek help from lenders that lend us the amount by charging interest.

Before you make any planning to purchase a property by borrowing loan then you must check interest rates charged by different lenders. There are various loan options in the market such as Axis Bank home loan, SBI home loan, HDFC home loan, etc. You may contact the loan officer to know about particular loan option. A loan officer will furnish your details regarding interest rate and EMI on the basis of your budget. An estimation of the EMI amount will help in knowing loan borrowing capability and you can decide your budget for buying your house. You can find various categories of home loans in the market which you can avail on the basis of your requirements. You should completely analyse the type of loan which you required and then apply in accordance to that. Below are the types of home loans which are available in the market-

Home buying loan
Home improvement loan or Home renovation loan
Home construction loan
Home extension loan
Home conversion loan
Land purchase loan

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