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Wedding Hair Pieces Make Your Hairstyle a Masterpiece

Wedding hair pieces are a surefire way to turn your bridal hairstyle into a work of art. Whether you plan on sweeping your long locks up into a dramatic up-do, or you have short hair and would like a pretty touch to accentuate the shape of your face, wedding hair pieces can transform your hairstyle from drab to fabulous in an instant. Regardless of your gown style or the formality of your occasion, there is a wedding hair piece to suit every gown and every wedding style you can imagine. There are a number of different styles and a wide range of prices to fit every bride’s budget. You just have to know where to look and what kind of wedding hair piece is right for you.

So have you decided you would like to wear a bridal hair accessory but aren’t sure to where to begin? There are five main categories of wedding hair pieces, and then many other types of wedding hair pieces within those five categories. For the sake of avoiding confusion however, just familiarize yourself with the five main kinds of wedding hair pieces. In general, the main kinds are:

  • bridal hair clips
  • Combs
  • Pins
  • Barrettes, and
  • Tiaras.

Bridal hair clips include claw clips, which are good wedding hair pieces for securing your hair in an up-do. Combs include various types of hair art, which are large, ornate wedding hair pieces that literally present your hairstyle as a masterpiece. Bold and elaborate, hair art is usually attached to a type of comb, though there are occasional styles that are made with hair clips. Pin styles work similarly to bobby pins except they are very decorative and are made with beautiful stone and silver accents, and barrettes hold hair similarly to hair clips, only they snap in place unlike other hair clip styles. Tiaras are princess “crowns” that usually have tiny combs attached to the sides, and they slide directly onto the head like a headband.

First, try taking into account the style of your gown as well as the type of veil you are wearing. If you are wearing a very full veil and you think most of your head will remain covered, a bridal hair comb or wedding hair clip are good choices as they add some sparkle to your hairstyle without looking too busy. Tiara hair accessories are also great options if you are wearing a full veil, and they let you feel like a princess for the day.

If you are wearing a very simple gown, a modern gown, or are skipping on a veil altogether, jeweled hair clips, Swarovski hair accessories, or hair art headpieces are good choices because they are usually larger and more elaborate. A good rule of thumb is: if your bridal hair accessories are heavy on the top, your dress should draw significantly less attention— without losing its position on center stage, that is. The wedding hair pieces discussed here are only a few of the many wedding hair pieces available. Any of these wedding hair pieces are sure to impress you and your guests by turning your hairstyle into an admirable work of art.

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