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Wedding Hair Flowers

Many brides are turning to wedding hair flowers to help enhance their wedding day ensemble. All too often when you think of wedding hair accessories, things like princess tiaras and pretty headbands cross your mind. While hair accessories such as these always look beautiful and can complement wedding gowns beautifully, they do not always work with every gown style. Also, sometimes certain bridal hair accessories simply do not suit a bride’s personality. When this is the case, it helps to consider other hair accessory options. Wedding hair flowers are wonderful options for bridal hair accessories because they are soft, feminine, and naturally beautiful. In many ways, they offer what other styles of bridal hair accessories cannot.

Wedding hair flowers are used in many different ways when it comes to bridal hair accessories. Real or faux flowers can be worn alone, or they can be attached to an accessory of some sort. The most common accessories that use wedding hair flowers are bridal hair combs and wedding hair clips. Flower brooch styles with parts of French or Russian netting attached are also very trendy, and they are usually fastened to a pin of some sort. These types of wedding hair flowers have a very retro or vintage look, and they can make even the simplest gown look extremely elegant. Real or faux flowers can decorate the base of a bridal hair comb or wedding hair clip, or combs and clips can be decorated with patterns and designs of wedding hair flowers. These designs are often made of rhinestones, diamonds, pearls, or crystals, although many other materials are used.

Wedding hair clips are also very handy and they look beautiful when they are made with wedding hair flowers. The nice thing about wedding hair clips is that they help to hold your hairstyle in place. Made as either a claw clip or a barrette, bridal hair clips provide great style and function at the same time. Depending on the style of the clip, flowers can be attached to the sides or they can cover the entire clip. With hair clips, it is more common to see flower patterns in the form of gemstones or crystals on the clip base instead of actual flowers.

You also always have the option to wear wedding hair flowers alone, which can be attached to your hair with simple silver bobby pins. The only downfall to this option is that the flowers may not be as secure as with some of the other hair accessory styles. The best way to ensure your wedding hair flowers will stay in place when worn alone is to consult your hairstylist and let her apply them for you on the big day. Wedding hair flowers can be worn with virtually any hairstyle, and it does not matter if you have short or long hair. They are excellent hair accessories for beach theme or destination weddings, and they can give a vintage, retro, or tropical touch to any wedding ensemble. Wedding hair flowers bring a touch of nature to your wedding look and accentuate your unique bridal beauty!

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