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Wedding Flower Hair Accessories

Naturally Beautiful Wedding Flower Hair Accessories

Wedding flower hair accessories represent the beauty of nature with various types of flowers, but they also enhance a bride’s natural beauty on her wedding day. There are so many different kinds of bridal hair accessories for a bride to choose from. With such a wide selection, it can be difficult to decide which ones are right for your wedding ensemble. Wedding flower hair accessories particularly differentiate themselves from the other hair accessory styles because their designs have a very natural or tropical theme. Wedding flower hair accessories can be made of real or faux flowers, diamonds, rhinestones, or other gemstones, and many are made with Swarovski crystals. While these materials are very common among other bridal hair accessories, the look of a flower is not always the best choice for every gown or every wedding style. Since flowers specifically have a natural or tropical feel about them, they complement some gowns and hairstyles better than others.

Whether a flower hair accessory is made of rhinestones or a faux orchid, there are three main types of wedding flower hair accessories. The way the design is implemented varies. The most common types are bridal hair combs, brooches, and bridal hair clips. Bridal hair combs are very popular because they are so versatile, and the flower style hair comb is especially trendy in the bridal fashion world. Comb style wedding flower hair accessories are made of a single comb that slides right into the hair, and the top of the comb is decorated with an attached flower design of some sort. Comb sizes can vary greatly, so you can find a size that suits you and your hairstyle. The flower is made of clusters of pearls or diamonds, crystals, or it is a type of artificial flower. The artificial flower comb is one of the most popular choices for brides who are having beach theme weddings, destination weddings, or who wear semi-formal gowns.

Brooch style wedding flower hair accessories are also very trendy, and their popularity is steadily increasing around the globe. While faux flower hair combs are popular for beach weddings and retro weddings, brooch wedding flower hair accessories are more formal looking and work beautifully with elaborate gowns. Due to their fancy designs, they can also be used with very casual or semi-formal gowns, as they are a great way to dress up any simple dress. Brooch style flowers are typically made with arrangements of rhinestones or other materials that create the shape of a flower.

The designs are not always made up of one single flower. The brooch designs can display patterns of multiple flower shapes as well. This is also true for bridal hair clips. You will find hair clips with all kinds of flower attachments. They are very practical types of wedding flower hair accessories because they can hold and fasten your hair, and provide great style at the same time. While these three styles are the most common types of wedding flower hair accessories, there are countless others that have beautiful flower elements which can bring out your natural bridal beauty.

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