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Wedding Feather Hair Accessories

Wedding Feather Hair Accessories

Wedding feather hair accessories are all the rage lately, recently remerging in the bridal fashion scene. Wedding feather hair accessories have always been popular for certain wedding looks, especially vintage or retro looks. This explains why there has been a great increase in their popularity over the past few years. All you have to do is look around and you will see that vintage and retro style gowns, accessories, and shabby chic wedding themes are all very in vogue. Trendy birdcage style veils, brooches, and vintage gowns dripping with gorgeous lace have saturated the bridal fashion world and have taken the runways by storm. Bridal fashions have been largely influenced by high fashion vintage trends, and wedding feather hair accessories are another fun fad that appeals to brides all over the globe. Wedding feather hair accessories will always be a classic choice.

Most types of wedding feather hair accessories come in the form of wedding hair clips, brooches, or barrettes; although you will also find hair art and headbands that incorporate feather elements as well. Feather wedding hair clips are types of wedding feather hair accessories that are very versatile as they can be used with many different hairstyles. They also look great with a wide range of gown styles. They are ideal for brides who want to wear their hair up or who want to leave half up and the other half down. Feather wedding hair clips can securely fasten your hairdo and can put a feisty spin on your overall wedding ensemble. They are very practical, especially if you have long hair and want to keep it out of your face throughout your wedding day.

Brooches and barrettes are the most popular types of wedding feather hair accessories. Although they do not hold as much hair as feather wedding hair clips, they still help to manage your chosen hairstyle, and they provide chic touches of vintage elegance. Feather brooches and barrettes are worn with style in mind, so if you want your bridal hair accessory to make a bold statement, a sassy feather barrette or classic feather brooch are great options. Wedding feather hair accessories are lively and dramatic. Brooch styles are typically attached to a pin or clip, and the feathers are fastened to the side of the brooch to enhance it. Bridal hair brooches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, but many are very old-fashioned looking and have antique silver tones and diamonds.

Feather barrettes usually have classy Art Deco designs on them with feathers attached to the side. The trendiest styles have pieces of French or Russian netting attached as well, which can make any bride look instantly voguish! You can also create your own wedding feather hair accessories by incorporating feathers of your choice with a birdcage veil. Simply fasten the feathers to the comb of the veil and add a small brooch to accent it. Any wedding feather hair accessories you choose will give you some fun flapper flair and can transform your wedding day ensemble into a work of art that looks like it came straight from the 1920’s.

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