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Utensils Used In The Kitchen

Utensils Used In The Kitchen

1. Blenders – It is used to blend and puree various ingredients. They are available in the market under various brand names. A good brand of blender should be purchased.

2. Bowls - These could be made of stainless steel, porcelain, glass, earthenware and are used to perform various tasks like mixing, holding, marinating of various ingredients. Deep bowls should be used to avoid spillage.

3. Baking Dishes and Pans - These are used for baking and they go into they go into the oven so they should be flameproof.

4. Chakla - Chakla is a Hindi term for dough rolling board.It is round in shape and could be made of wood, marble or steel and is used for rolling chapattis. Belan or rolling pin is used to roll the dough.

5. Cake Pans - These are used to bake cakes and could be of various shapes and sizes.They are made of aluminum or dark metal.

6. Colander - These are used for washing and cleaning of vegetables, fruits and other ingredients. They are also used for straining solids from liquids.They are generally made of stainless steel.

7. Casseroles - These are used to hold prepared dishes and they have tight lids over them. Some of them could be used directly for cooking and baking and others could be used to hold prepared dishes and to keep them warm.

8. Chopping Board – These are used to chop and cut various ingredients used in cooking. They are available in number of sizes and could be made of wood or white acrylic.

9. Chalni – This is a very common type of kitchen utensil which has fine mesh in it and is fitted with a handle. It is available in various sizes and is used for straining and sifting.

10. Chimta - It is a Hindi term and it is like a handle which is used for holding Indian breads.It is basically like a tong.

11. Food Processor - This is an electrical appliance which is replacing mixes and blenders in the kitchen. It is used for cutting, chopping, pureeing, blending, kneading of various ingredients and is available under a number of brand names.

12. Forks - Forks are also used in the kitchen for blending and mashing food.Sturdy forks should always be used.

13. Frying Pans - These are used for frying food.They have slopped sides and could be used for shallow frying food. They are generally made of stainless steel, cast iron, enameled cast iron and also non-stick material which uses less fat.

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