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Meal Planning

Meal Planning is both an Art as well as Science. Meal Planning means planning for adequate nutrition. While planning family meals, the home-maker plays an important role.Along with the money available, time, energy, knowledge, skills and abilities, human and material resources, all influence the type of food prepared and the way in which it is served.

The Importance of Meal Planning

1. Planning meals help to fulfil the nutritional requirement of the family members.

2. The food planned has to be palatable and appealing to the eye before it becomes nutritious.

3. Meal planning is of utmost importance because it economizes on time, labour and fuel.
4. Meal planning encourages one to plan within the family’s means.


Factors Affecting Meal Planning

No two individuals or families have exactly the same nutritional needs.Hence their diets differ in order to meet their physical, social and psychological needs.There are a number of factors which play an important role im meal planning.They are as follows-

1. Adequacy of Food.

2. Meal Patterns must fulfill the family needs.

3. Meal planning should save time and energy and result in easy-to-cook meals.

4. Individual likes and dislikes.

5. Suitable Combinations.

6. Food should provide satiety value.

7. Availability of foods

8. Economic Considerations

9. Seasonal Foods

10. Religion, Traditions and Customs

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