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Kitchen Sanitation Tips

Sanitation in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where the food is cooked. Hence it is very essential to maintain proper sanitary measures in the work area. A kitchen which is dust proof, pest proof, insect proof and dirt proof is an ideal kitchen. Proper cleanliness has to be maintained all over the kitchen-it’s floors, walls, work and storage area.

It is important that the floor in the kitchen should be non-slippery, washable and not too smooth. The walls should be easily washable and easy to keep clean and should be free from crevices.

Kitchen Sanitation Tips

The garbage in the kitchen should be kept in tightly closed dustbins otherwise it would cause breeding of flies. Their should be wire netting on doors and windows and the actual work area should be made of material which could be easily cleaned.

A clean tidy kitchen, clean clothes and clean hands are the housewife’s responsibility. The utensils used in the preparation of the food should be clean and any spillage should be wiped out immediately. Daily cleaning procedures should include the floors, the tiles on the walls, the area behind the cooking unit, sink and working areas. In addition to this weekly or fortnightly schedules may be carried out. The cooking range, electrical gadgets, the refrigerator and other similar equipment may perhaps be cleaned at such intervals.

A certain Tips adopted in dish washing will make it less irksome:

1. Remove any leftovers before cleaning.

2. Scrub well with the help of scrubber, wire mesh, or cleaning powder.

3. First rinse with cold water and then with hot water so that if there is any grease it gets removed completely.

4. Dry well in air and then using a clean napkin or cloth wipe and keep in storage racks.

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