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Cooking Terms

Here is a comprehensive list of layman-friendly guide of cooking terms with the help of these most common cooking terms, you will understand the use basic cooking terms and skills.


1. Bake- To cook by dry heat in a closed chamber or oven. The degree of dryness of heat may be modified by the amount of steam produced from the items baked. Bread rolls, cakes, pastries, potatoes, vegetables etc are baked. The oven temperature should be correct according to the items that are being baked in it. The Tandoor, most popularly known as Clay oven which is used in Punjab is a sort of oven and griller combined together.

2. Baste- To pour melted fat or gravy with a ladle, from time to time, over meat or other food during roasting or during cooking.This method is generally used in making kababs.

3. Beat- To mix with brisk horizontal or vertical rotary motion so that the mixture is lifted again and again and becomes smooth and light because of the air enclosed. This method is used for making cakes or making batter for pakodas.

4. Blend- To mix two or more ingredients thoroughly.

5. Blanch- Vegetables or fruits or nuts etc are put in hot boiling water for 2-3 minutes and then drained and again put in ice cold water.This helps to retain colour of food products and also help in easy skin removal of food products.This is used generally for retaining green colour of peas and also in removing skin of the tomatoes.

6. Broil- To cook food by exposing it to direct heat on a hot griddle. This method is used for broiling of Indian spices.

7. Caramel- Burnt sugar used for colouring and flavouring.

8. Chop- To cut into small pieces.Vegetables and fruits are chopped.

9. Dice- To cut into small cubes.

10. Dissolve- To mix a dry substance into a watery solution or to mix two liquids.For example making of sugar syrup.

11. Dot- To place small pieces, as of butter, over the surface of the food. This is done generally to food that has been three fourth cooked and is in the final stage of cooking. The food is dotted with butter and then placed in the oven or under the grill to complete its cooking.

12. Fry- To cook in smoking fat.The fat used should be crystal clear and free from moisture . Frying is of two types-Shallow frying and Deep frying.

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