India Food:

India is famous for their food, Indian like different foods according to the season. Mainly in India food making responsibility is on Indian women’s shoulder. They prepare foods for their family. Indian food changes area wise means North Indian food different from other region Some of Indian dishes are gajar ka halva.

North India Food

Basically North India Food is based on Dairy Products like Milk, Paneer, Ghee, and Butter. In all Indian Dishes gravies prepare by high use of these dairy products. Mostly ingredients are same in all north Indian dishes like chili, saffron and nuts. Potato is used in almost all dishes. Some North Indian foods are Daal, roti, parantha, naan, kulcha, poori and bhatura. North India is famous for both type of dishes like vegetarian and Non-vegetarian. Some non-vegetarian dishes are tandoori chicken. Pakistani foods are also similar to North Indian Foods.

South India Food

South Indian foods are not famous in India only but it is famous in all over the World. South India is famous for south Indian Dishes like dosa with sanbhar, idli, vada, bonda, rasam and bajji. The test of Sanbhar has different in south Indian state because it is prepared differently in every state of South India. South Indians mostly use rice and coconut with their foods. Coconut oil and curry leaves (Curry Patta) used in meals by south Indian.

India food from East side (Eastern Foods)

East Indian foods (West Bengal and Orissa Foods) are famous for their sweets like bangali roshogolla (rasgulla), chamcham, sandesh and rasabali. Many of these sweets are also famous in Northern India. Rice used in Eastern foods like south India fish is very popular in Eastern’s regular meal. Bangladeshi Food also similar to Eastern food. Dalma is very famous dish of Orissa and Sukto is very popular dish in Orissa.

Western India Food

In western India food is divided in two parts Gujrati Foods and Maharashtrian Foods. Dhokla is very popular Gujrati Dish. Gujrati foods are contains mainly vegetarian Dishes. Maharashtrian use bread and rice in their regular meal Maharashtrian non-vegetarian foods are chicken mutton fish and sea foods.

Food in India